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Duterte wants to talk to Salalima: President might want to know what’s going on

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants to sit down with resigned Information and Communications Secretary Rodolfo Salalima before acting on the departure of his fellow San Beda Law School alumnus.

In a report by the Inquirer’s Miguel Camus, Salalima told Department of Information and Communication Technology staffers Friday: “I was informed that the President has not yet accepted my resignation. He wants to talk to me.”

Curiously, when Duterte was interviewed by reporters last Rhusday in Marawi City, he sounded as if he was resigned to accepting Salalima’s departure because he believed Salalima’s ties to Globe Telecom placed him in a conflict of interest position. Duterte also said he was looking for Salalima’s replacement.

Salalima clarified that his resignation was not “irrevocable” so that he would not sound hostile to his long-time friend.

“I do not want to threaten our President. He was my schoolmate. Because I knew him… but he might not know everything that is going on,” said Salalima.

During the meeting with DICT employees, Salalima read part of the his resignation letter he submitted last Sept. 5: “I accepted that this department shall have no corruption, because that is the President’s commandment to all of us. I rejected favors. I rejected and opposed corruption in this government… and this is what I meant. I have to resign.”