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Giyera na lang tayo! Duterte shuts down peace talks with Reds

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President Rodrigo Duterte no longer wants to talk peace with the communists because of the New People’s Army’s continued attacks.

In a speech in Taguig City Tuesday (November 21), Duterte said the communists make several demands but are unable to keep up their end of the bargain.

“Nung Presidente na ako at marami na silang hinihingi na hindi ko naman kayang ibigay because it is not mine to give. And since they are very unreasonable at sabi ko, ‘yung stand down, hindi naman nasusunod,” he said.

Following the NPA’s ambush of a police and an infant ib Bukidnon, Duterte said he has had enough.

“Sinabi ko kay ano, Dureza pati kay Bello, ‘You tell the guys there sa Netherlands, I am no longer available for any official talk. Giyera na lang tayo,’” he said.

Duterte said he needs to build a strong army in preparation for the retaliation he expects from the NPA.

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