Mocha takes Sasot’s side in face off with BBC reporter: Ganyan makipag-usap pag nag-aral ka sa EU!

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Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson has defended pro-administration blogger Sass Sasot for confronting a BBC reporter during the ASEAN Summit in Manila, saying she knows what she did.

Uson said Sasot had to be aggressive in talking to BBC Southeast Asia correspondent Jonathan head because he is a foreigner.

“Si Sass po ay taga Hague. Nag masters pa po siya doon. Nakakasama sa mga debate at mga confrontations. Alam niya paano makipag usap sa mga puti,’ she said in a Facebook post.

“Kung lalamya lamya ka they will not respect you. Sabi nga po niya normal ang ganyan sa kanila,” she added.

Sasot confronted Head in full view of local and foreign journalists covering the ASEAN Summit at the International Media Center Monday (November 13) because he interviewed Jover Laurio, a blogger critical of Presidente Rodrigo Duterte.

“Tell me, Mr. Jonathan, how is it possible that Jover Laurio, a very minor blogger in the Philippines, was featured by the BBC in order to defend herself against the people who outed her identity, but not someone like me whose social media following is way, way higher than her, whose Facebook engagement is way, way higher than her, and who you have even interacted on Facebook?” Sasot asked.

The blogger, who is based in The Hague, Netherlands but flew to Manila for the ASEAN Summit, raised her voice at Head and even burst into tears at one point during their confrontation.

Head remained calm while Uson just observed them quietly.

Uson said Sasot’s action was only shocking for Filipinos.

“Pag malamya ka sa pakikipagusap sa mga puti Briton o European yari ka sa argument. Kakayan kayanin ka nila. Wala kang panalo and they will not listen to you. Sanay kasi tayo sa bait baitan pag nakikipag usap,” she said.