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Ateneo orgs slam revival of death penalty: Only the poor will suffer

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The Council of Organizations of Ateneo de Manila University (COA) has expressed its opposition on the bill proposing the reinstatement of death penalty ahead of the voting for its final approval in the House of Representatives.

In a statement release Monday night (March 6), COA said bringing back capital punishment has not been proven to be an effective deterrent to crime.

The flaws in the Philippine justice system– with the judiciary recording an error rate of 71.77 percent in death sentences handed out by the lower courts from 1993 to 2004– means the poor are most at risk of being wrongfully executed.

“The flawed justice system and the social and economic inequality in the Philippines will place the death penalty against the poor and the disadvantaged who cannot afford adequate legal representation,” COA said.

Given the government’s history of repressing political forces, the council said there is also a chance that death penalty will be used to legalize such a form of harassment.

COA’s statement was signed by the heads of ADMU’s 53 student organizations.

Voting for the approval on third and final reading of House Bill 4727– the measure reviving death penalty– will happen Tuesday (March 7) during the plenary session at the House of Representatives.