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Kalma lang! Palace assures bird flu hasn’t infected humans but urges vigilance

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Malacañang has advised the public to remain calm in the wake of a bird flu outbreak in San Agustin, Pampanga.

In a statement, presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said they are “closely monitoring” the situation in the province.

“As of this time, there has been no report of bird-to-human contamination,” he said.

“Also, the DOH assures our people that avian flu is transferred via respiratory routes. Properly cooked chicken meat and eggs remain safe to eat,” Abella added.

Nevertheless, he said Filipinos should be vigilant.

He advised any person living or residing in affected areas or who had been exposed to dead chickens who becomes sick with flu or flu-like illness to immediately report to the nearest hospital or health center to undergo a laboratory test.

Abella said the Department of Health is assisting the Department of Agriculture in investigating bird flu and containing it through vaccinations and providing protective equipment for poultry handlers.

He said there is heightened surveillance for flu-like symptoms in Pampanga.

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol estimates some 37,000 poultry animals have died because of bird flu.

To contain the outbreak, the DA will kill 200,000 chickens, quails and ducks within the 1-kilometer radius of the affected poultry farms in Pampanga.
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