Karma is a bitch: Gwen Garcia says Garbo stopped PNP from launching all-out war against drugs

Cebu Rep. Gwen Garcia is claiming that retired Police Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo tied the hands of the Philippine National Police from joining the government’s war on drugs.

In a Facebook post, Garcia said that after President Rodrigo Duterte came out with his expose on 5 police generals who protected drug lords, she remembered her shouting match with Garbo,during her second term as Cebu Governor from 2007 to 2010 ( she ruled Cebu from 2004 to 2013).

Garcia shared how Garbo , who Duterte described as the apex protector of the Chinese Triad drug cartel, how insisted that the drug problem was not a police matter but the concern of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Garcia said everything had become clearer when Garbo emerged as the favorite star of the LIberal Party, with defeated presidential bet Mar Roxas launching a futile bid to make him the PNP Chief (former President Noy Aquino chose Ricardo Marquez). Garbo retired last March 2016 but was actively involved in the Roxas for president campaign. Roxas,a former Interior Secretary, has denied any links to Garbo nor his alleged drug protection racket.

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