P50K to be killed: 2 abducted sabungeros live to tell abduction tale to NBI

By Nancy Carvajal

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) now has in its custody two cockfighting enthusiasts or sabungeros who were reportedly abducted by policemen in Laguna.

The victims said they decided to submit affidavits to the NBI after seeing two of the policemen who allegedly abducted them at the Senate hearing on 34 missing sabungeros.

They said they were picked up by the cops inside a cockpit arena in Barangay Palasan in Sta. Cruz Laguna on November 4, 2020.

The sabungeros claimed they were tagged by the cockpit security personnel for alleged cheating.

The two victims said the order for their supposed abduction came from the cockpit manager they identified as “Dondon.”

They were allegedly brought by the policemen to a “safe house” where they were reportedly told that someone paid P50,000 each to have them killed.

The policemen reportedly told the victims, however, that they have a choice: either be killed or be thrown in jail for alleged violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

To frame them for the supposed violation, the sabungeros said they were made to hold sachets of shabu while being photographed.

They said a barangay official and member of the local media were allegedly present at the safe house to serve as witnesses in the staged drug buy bust operation.

The sabungeros said they were then detained at a Laguna jail, but were subsequently released after the drug charges against them were dismissed by the city prosecutor.

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