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The man with dragon tattoo: Trillanes says damning proof of Pulong Duterte’s triad links inked on his back

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV dropped a bombshell at the continuing Senate probe on smuggling at the Bureau of Customs  Thursday.

Trillanes accused presidential son Pulong Duterte of being a member of a triad criminal group with evidence of his membership tattooed on his back.

Duterte, who appeared in the hearing with brother-in-law Mans Carpio, confirmed that he has a tattoo on his back.

When Trillanes asked Duterte to show what he described was a “colored, dragon-like figure” tattooed on his back, Duterte declined and invoked his right to privacy twice, a strategy suggested by his father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

A triad is a secret society originating in China, typically involved in organized crime.

Trillanes said: “This (information) was given by foreign country claiming that Duterte is a member of the triad. This is the proof of his membership. Ang tatoo sa likod iyan ang mageexplain ng lahat ng ito at may competition among syndicates dahil iyan iyong proof of physical evidence of his membership sa triad.”

Committe Chair Dick Gordon cautioned Trillanes against pressuring Duterte to show his tatoo and throwing heavy accusations that the presidential son was a triad member.

Unfazed by Gordon’s warning, Trillanes said: “I’m not making baseless allegations, this was validated and admitted by Mr Paolo Duterte. I would have no way of knowing that he has tattooed membership printed there. That’s why I’m going to present my evidence of my allegation which is written and printed and tattooed on the back of Mr. Paolo Duterte, that is the membership of triads.”

Trillanes showed photos of Duterte with Kenneth Dong, Charlie Tan, Small Abellera and Carpio calling them as “the gang.”

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