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Tell it to the Marines: PHIBLEX troops can help in ongoing Duterte war against drugs

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With a little bit of fine-tuning and instructions, Philippine Marine Corps troops, who had just participated in the recently concluded PHIBLEX exercises, can help in President Rodrigo Duterte’s ongoing campaign against illegal drugs.

PHIBLEX is short for Philippine Amphibious Landing Exercises which is an annual drill between Philippine and US Marine units.

This was stressed Tuesday, October 11 by Philippine PHIBLEX exercise director Marine Brig. Gen. Maximo Ballesteros during the closing ceremonies of seven-day maneuvers with their US Marine Corps counterparts.

“Taking off from our amphibious nature, we consistently change with the law of the situation to fulfill our duties. We stretch our scope of operations if need be, just like the current administration’s war on drugs,” he added.

Around 1,400 American military personnel and 500 Filipino soldiers participated in the seven-day PHIBLEX exercises which was held in various locations in Luzon and Palawan.

It started on October 4 and ended on the 11th.

“In ways possible, our initiatives may be reshifted to include narcotics operations while not undermining our internal security operations, territorial defense and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” Ballesteros said
He also expressed confidence that PHIBLEX could became a platform for military operations that cater to peace and security issues like drugs, human trafficking, and cyber-terrorism.