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Al Jazeera’s Hasan pins down Cayetano for throwing Duterte under the bus on police corruption issue

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British political journalist Mehdi Hasan thinks Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano just threw President Rodrigo Duterte under the bus to wiggle his way out of the police corruption issue.

In his interview with the former senator on Al Jazeera’s “UpFront” news program, Hasan brought up the issue of widespread corruption in the Philippine National Police and how even Duterte himself has expressed his lack of trust in his police force.

“Can we trust the Philippine police? The President doesn’t trust them. Your President doesn’t trust your police, you know that right?” asked Hasan.

Cayetano said he considered the police trustworthy “in general” and that Filipinos were wary only of “rogue” cops.

Hasan, however, used Duterte’s own words that he had zero trust in the PNP.

“That’s not what he (Duterte) said, ‘You policemen are the most corrupt, you are corrupt to the core, it’s in your system’. That doesn’t sound like rogue. ‘It’s in your system’,” said Hasan who couldn’t help himself snicker after Cayetano painted himself into a corner.

Cayetano downplayed these statements as part of Duterte’s habit of peppering his speeches with “hyperbole and figures” for maximum effect.

When Hasan pressed his point by asking if Duterte’s claim that 40 percent of police were corrupt, Cayetano replied: ”That’s his (Duterte) estimation. Their chief of police (Bato dela Rosa) estimation is two percent.”

“So who’s right, the President or the chief of police? I can’t believe you’re throwing your boss under the bus,” said Hasan who urged Cayetano to reply with a yes or no to his simple question.

“I’m not throwing him under the bus. What I’m saying…when you make an estimation…That is his estimation. That’s not the point. The point is he’s trying to clean up the police, and he admits that there is a problem,” answered Cayetano.

Hasan questioned how Cayetano would trust the police who have killed 3,800 people in the drug war if the President himself believed they were rotten to the core

“No, we’re not saying we should trust them, we said we should follow the law which is presumption of regularity, but investigate,” said Cayetano who claimed that every single case in the 3,800 deaths in the drug war were being investigated.

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