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Andy Bautista breaks down in tears: My kids don’t go to school anymore, they’re being bullied

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The all-out media attack being carried out by his wife against him is taking its toll on Commission on Elections Chair Andy Bautista and their four children.

In an interview with ANC’s Karen Davila Wednesday, Bautista struggled to hold back his tears as he expressed his resentment to his wife’s, Tisha Bautista, decision to negotiate the terms of their separation in media rather than in private to protect the children.

“My kids don’t go to school anymore. They’re being bullied. Is that being fair, Martin Loon?” said Bautista who felt betrayed by Bautista’s lawyer.

Bautista said Loon, whom he considered a friend, had told him during their negotiations on the settlement offer that Loon was concerned about the impact of the acrimonious separation on their four sons.

Bautista said Loon said he didn’t want the Bautista sons to experience what he went through when his parents separated. Loon is the step son of former mutineer Ariel Querubin.

Bautista called Loon “two-faced” for demanding P620 million in compensation to Tish or nearly seven times the P90 million Tish’s former lawyer, Lorna Kapunan, agreed to in February this year.

“H (Loon) he told me it’s just a speeding, ticket you can go on with this. But I told him what you’re asking is P620 million,” said Bautista.

Bautista said that when she confronted his wife about the impact of the “circus” she created just to squeeze more money out of him, he quoted Tish, who reportedly has a “third eye”, as saying: “The universe will take care of them.”

“Is the universe taking care of them now? It’s not fair to them that’ s the problem,” said Bautista.

He admitted that his sons were closer to their mother and that they have refused to talk to him when he tried to explain his side. He suggested that Tish give custody of the children to her mother and her brother whom he believed would be “fair to my children.” She accused Tish of keeping their children hostage.

He said his sons were aged 8, 13, 14, and 16 years old and “they can’t fully grasp the situation, number two don’t want to hear it.”

“But the mother has all their ears because boys, being boys, are closer to their mothers. I don’t want to take them away for their mothers,” he added.