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Ang tunay na kaibigan ‘di nanggugulang: Ping says Chinese president’s ‘threat’ should be taken to the UN

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Friends don’t make threats.

On this note, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Monday the Philippines should take to the United Nations Chinese president Xi Jinping’s “threat” of war if the Philippines pursues its territorial claims.

“It can take many forms. Pwedeng diplomatic protest. Pwedeng just a manifestation. Maraming pwedeng gawin. But the matter should be brought to the matter of the UN. After all, we’re basing our claim sa arbitral ruling, and malinaw naman sa ruling sinabi sa atin yan,” Lacson told reporters.

“If we want to be friendly with China, it can still be pursued. But sabi ko nga, friendship should be based on goodwill. Hindi pwedeng ang magkakaibigan, nagte-threaten,” he added.

He was referring to President Rodrigo Duterte’s narration of Duterte’s recent talk with Xi. Duterte reportedly said Xi warned him China will go to war if the Philippines pursued its territorial claims.

Lacson said Duterte did no wrong when he told Xi that the territory disputed by China and the Philippines belongs to the Philippines because there is an arbitral ruling as basis.

“Now kung China thinks otherwise, ano ang basis naman nila? But to threaten us with war, especially yung disparity ng military might ng power ng China compared to ours, medyo malaking threat yan,” he said.