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Anong isosoli daw? Imee surprised by Duterte’s claim Marcoses willing to return il-gotten wealth

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Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos appears to have been taken off guard by President Rodrigo Duterte’s revelation that their family is willing to return some of their ill-gotten wealth.

In a text message to the Philippine Star, Imee said: “Will meet family muna.”

On Tuesday (August 29), Duterte revealed meeting with an emissary of the Marcoses, who said they were willing to return some of the ill-gotten wealth that the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, amassed during his rule.

Among the items that Duterte said the Marcoses were willing to return were a few gold bars.

Citing the unnamed spokesperson, Duterte said Marcos only amassed the wealth to “protect the economy.”

“And the only reason really was sabi nila, that the father was protecting the economy. Now, of course, the eventual kung maalis siya. But he was thought of regaining the Malacañan and that is why ganito ang lumabas. Parang naitago,” he said.