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Aprub, pero sana buhay: SWS survey shows Duterte gets ‘excellent’ grade in anti-drug war, but…

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A little over four of out of five Filipinos approve of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs, but many believe it is important the suspects be caught alive, a new survey by Social Weather Stations showed.

The SWS said the survey conducted among 1,200 adults from Sept. 24 to 27 showed 84 percent of Filipinos are satisfied with the ongoing war against illegal drugs.

Of these, 54 percent were “very satisfied” and 30 percent were “somewhat satisfied” while 8 percent were dissatisfied, including 4 percent “somewhat dissatisfied” and 4 percent very dissatisfied. Another 8 percent of respondents were undecided.

SWS said this translated to an “excellent” net satisfaction rating of +76.

But the survey also showed 71 percent of respondents believe it is “very important” that suspects involved with illegal drugs be caught alive.

Another 23 percent said it is “somewhat important,” 5 percent said it is “somewhat not important” and 2 percent said it is “not important at all.”

Under SWS’ net satisfaction ratings, a score of +70 and up is “excellent”; +50 to +69 “very good”; +30 to +49 “good”; +10 to +29 “moderate”; +9 to -9 “neutral”; -10 to -29 “poor”; -30 to -49 “bad”; -50 to -69 “very bad”; and -70 and below “execrable.”

Results of the survey were posted Friday on SWS’ media partner BusinessWorld
* Among areas, socieconomic classes

Net satisfaction was highest in Mindanao with +87 (90 percent satisfied, 3 percent dissatisfied); +78 in Metro Manila (87 percent satisfied, 9 percent dissatisfied); +76 in Visayas (85 percent satisfied, 10 percent dissatisfied); and +71 in Balance Luzon (80 percent satisfied, 9 percent dissatisfied).

* ‘No discrimination’

The survey showed 83 percent of respondents believe the intensified war against illegal drugs “does not discriminate by class,” while 13 percent said it is centered on the poor, and 4 percent said it is centered on the rich.

By socioeconomic class, it scored +79 in Class E (86 percent satisfied, 8 percent dissatisfied); +79 in ABC (84 percent satisfied, 5 percent dissatisfied); and +76 in Class D (84 percent satisfied, 8 percent dissatisfied).

* ‘No discrimination’

SWS said the dominant opinion in all areas and classes was that “the government anti-illegal drugs campaign does not discriminate by class.”

It said this the highest in Mindanao at 89 percent, 82 percent in Balance Luzon, 81 percent in Visayas, and 79 percent in Metro Manila.

By socioeconomic class, it 90 percent in Class ABC, 84 percent in Class E, and 82 percent in Class D.

On the other hand, SWS said “at least three in five” respondents consider it “very important” that drug suspects be caught alive.

This was highest in Visayas at 82 percent, 74 percent in Metro Manila, 70 percent in Balance Luzon, and 62 percent in Mindanao.

It was 72 percent in Class D and E, and 57 percent in Class ABC.