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Aquino bats for law on employment rights of military reservists

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Senator Bam Aquino wants a law that will protect the employment rights of members of the reserve force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) when they render military service for the country.

Under Aquino’s proposed Senate Bill 1607, reservists must be “entitled to their original position, or to a substantially equivalent position, without loss of seniority rights, and diminution of pay.”

“The measure aims to ensure that Reservists will be reinstated to their civilian careers by the end of their required military service, whether for training or deployment purposes,” Aquino said.

“We owe it to these courageous Filipinos to professionalize the reserve force. Let’s reward our reservists the legal rights and protections they deserve,” he said.

SB 1607 or the Reservist Employment Rights Act also ensures that companies cannot require reservists to use their standard leave credits entitled them for absences, for the military service they are required to render.

During the Marawi siege, around two battalions from the reserve command were mobilized alongside the regular soldiers of the AFP to fight the terrorists who held the city under siege for five months.

Aquino said that some of the reservists temporarily left their jobs behind when they were mobilized to Marawi City.

“Unfortunately, some of them never regained their old positions or were reassigned to other offices due to their long absence from work,” he said.