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Awkward! Dureza is the odd man out as EU ambassadors snub request for the ‘Duterte pose’

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Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza stood out in a recent photo taken of him with officials from the European Union– mostly ambassadors– since it was only him who extended his arms out to do the signature clenched fist post associated with President Rodrigo Duterte.

Was it intentional?

Netizen Ivy Lisa Mendoza said it wasn’t.

In a Facebook post dated May 10, Mendoza said Dureza had requested the EU officials to copy him in doing the so-called “Duterte pose” but no one followed.

That’s why when the photo was snapped, it was only Dureza who had his arms outstreched while others simply smiled.

Talk about an awkward moment!

EU officials can’t be blamed for refusing to oblige Dureza’s request. After all, Duterte had lambasted the union several times in the past for criticizing the administration’s war against illegal drugs.

In March, he cursed the EU and accused it of trying to “impose” its culture on the Philippines by suggesting that drug addiction is a health issue.