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Gastos pa yan! Trudeau: Canadian trash in PH can be shipped back but who’ll pay for it?

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By: Xave Gregorio

Two years after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed a “Canadian solution” to the garbage shipped from his country to the Philippines, he revealed that it was illegal to send Canadian garbage back to Canada.

“Canadian legal regulations prevented us from being able to receive the waste back in Canada even though it originally came from Canada, we had legal barriers and restrictions that prevent us from taking it back,” said Trudeau in a press briefing during the 31st ASEAN Summit.

Trudeau said this was the major block to shipping several tons of Canadian trash back to its homeland.

This legal impediment has now been solved making it “theoretically possible” to ship he garbage back to Canada.

“But there are still a number of questions around who will pay for it,” he added.

Trudeau said that Canada’s exportation of several shipping containers worth of trash, including soiled adult diapers, was a product of a “commercial transaction that did not involve governments.”

Even so, the Canadian prime minister said he assured President Rodrigo Duterte his government is committed to solve the problem.