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Baliw na ba siya? Winnie Monsod wants PH Medical Association to assess Duterte’s mental health

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Former socioeconomic planning secretary Winnie Monsod believes it’s high time the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) or other doctors’ groups to assess the state of President Rodrigo Duterte’s mental health to see if he’s still fit to run the country.

Monsod made the suggestion after 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts in the United States published a book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” in which the American President is characterized as “bad,” and “abusive,” among others.

While none of the experts have personally examined Trump, Monsod said in her October 14 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer that they were emboldened to come out with the book because of the “duty to warn” law in 33 US states.

“The book’s contributors are not wackos. They are at the top of their professions, and sincerely believe that Trump is a danger to their country,” she said.

Monsod said Trump’s counterpart, Duterte, already has an existing psychological evaluation courtesy of Dr. Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists, as part of annulment proceedings.

“Dr. Dayan concluded that Mr. Duterte was suffering from ‘Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder,’ a condition characterized by ‘gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness,’ ‘grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behaviors,’ and ‘pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings.’ Does that sound familiar?” she asked.

As Duterte’s constituents, Monsod said the public has the right to know about the state of the President’s mental health.

In particular, Monsod is curious whether Duterte’s behavior is simply that of a “spoiled brat” or something “more sinister.”

“I have made this suggestion before, but in the light of the new book on Trump, I make it again: Our Philippine Medical Association, or whatever psychological or psychiatric associations should get together, with or without Dr. Dayan’s presence, and assess the President’s behavior, based on her report and based on what they read about him,” she said.