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Basted! Pretty Usec picks congressman over Palace suitor

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A Palace official is heartbroken after years of wooing a pretty undersecretary came to naught because she’s now in a relationship with a congressman.

The Palace official started courting the undersecretary years ago, before his appointment to Malacañang. The smitten executive would even travel to his ladylove’s bailiwick so he could spend time with her.

The Palace official couldn’t be blamed for dreaming of a future with the undersecretary since he’s legally separated from his wife anyway while the object of his affection is a widow.

Though she’s blessed with beauty and brains, it’s the undersecretary’s family’s closeness with the Palace official which caused her to be appointed to her current position.

Fast forward to 2016, and the undersecretary is now happy in the arms of a lawmaker who, like her, became single again because of his spouse’s death.

The congressman who caught the lovely department official’s eye comes from a prominent political clan who’s also known as one of the Philippines’ “old rich” families.

The teenage children of the undersecretary and congressman are said to approve of the relationship.

Meanwhile, the Palace executive is mending his heartbroken heart by keeping the company of not just one, but three girlfriends.