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Biglang asenso! Sueno has new hotel in South Cotabato- DILG USecs

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Three undersecretaries from the Department of Interior and Local Government have asked President Rodrigo Duterte to remove DILG chief Ismael Sueno from his post for alleged abuse of power.

In a confidential memorandum obtained by the Philippine Star Under secretaries John Castriciones for operations, Jesus Hinlo for public safety and Emilie Padilla for legislative liaison and special concerns accused Sueno of owning a brand new hotel in South Cotabato.

“There is a new hotel in Marbel, South Cotabato which is suspiciously owned by Sec. Sueno, although he alleges that this property belongs to his brother,” they said.

The DILG executives also insinuated Sueno may be involved in corruption as his farm, which only used to have one nipa hut when he was not yet in government, “now has several expensive structures being built.”

They also claimed that Sueno purchased several trucks for his rice business and pursued the purchase of several firetrucks overseas even if they can be bought for just P7 million locally.

The DILG chief, the undersecretaries added, has a grandson only known as “Senior Supt. Sintin” who allegedly collects illegal gambling money on his behalf.

Sueno is also purportedly meddling in Task Force Agila or the investigation of politikos allegedly on Duterte’s so-called narco-list.

In their letter to the President, the undersecretaries appealed: “We urgently pray to you Mr. President to please act with dispatch if you so decide to remove Mike Sueno from his post, otherwise he will create more harm against the DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government) and cause injustice to the Filipino people by abusing his power and position.”

The DILG executives said they are hopeful a new Secretary will be appointed as Sueno is “inefficient and incapable of the position he occupies.”