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Why blame me? I warned all mayors I’d kill them including Parojinog – Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte said nobody should take the blame for the killing of Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog.

Duterte said that he gave “fair warning” to Parojinog and thousands of other mayors wthat they would be killed if they continued with their illegal drug operations.

“I’m sure Parojinog was there and everybody. So wala tayong sisihan. There’s really no remorse for you and for me. Fair warning, I told you. Do not (destroy my country),” said Duterte in a speech.

Duterte called all mayors to a closed door meeting in Malacanang last January – no military or police – where he told them: “Do not play with me or suffer the consequences.”

Duterte said that Parojinog and mayors should have realized that he was not bluffing given that as much as 600 had died in his war on drugs and crime in 23 years as Davao City mayor.

Aside from Parojinog, Duterte recalled that retired police general Vicente Loot was among the mayors in the room (he is the incumbent mayor of Daanbantayan, Cebu).

“General Loot — your general before was also there. And I pointed out to him, ‘There’s one idiot general here who has been at it’. I said, ‘You better shape up because you will suffer the consequences’,” said Duterte.

He repeated his order to the police to “shoot them dead” preferably in the heart or in the head because “that’s the end of the problem.”

“Because if we’ll just arrest them with the money billions of it, they can always go out, have the best lawyers and that is why all these years, the country has always been on the edge when confronted with cousins of senators and the mayors,” he said.