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Buti pa siya may hiya, di naninisi: DOTC Usec Chavez quits, takes fall for MRT 3 problems

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“Hindi puwedeng lagi tayong naninisi sa nakaraan dahil sa responsibilidad na natin ito.”

Transportation Undersecretary Cesar Chavez has resigned from his post out of delicadeza due to the rising public outrage over the almost daily breakdowns and miscues in the operation of the EDSA MRT 3.

In a November 23 letter to President Rodrigo Duterte, Chavez said: “I hope the President understands that in the light of recent events involving the MRT3 System, simple sense of delicadeza which I have adhered tho throughout my professional life gives me no choice but to resign from my said position.”

Chavez hoped that the President would appoint “a person better qualified to perform the duties and responsibilities” of his office.

“I hope that problems plaguing the MRT # system be resolved properly and with dispatch,” he said.

In a pres briefing. Chavez apparently disagreed with Transportation Secretary Art Tugade’s strategy of blaming the past administration for all of the MRT 3’s problems even after 16 months in office.

Instead of fixing the problem and taking responsibility like any self-respecting person should, Tugade has endorsed the filing of charges not only against his predecessor, Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya, but practically the entire Cabinet of the Aquino administration to divert public anger.