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After buying more bananas and pineapples, China opens jobs for Filipino teachers, engineers – Duterte

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China has stepped up its efforts to woo the Philippines.

After offering more access to Philippine banana and pineapple exports to its 1.371 billion population, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang informed President Rodrigo Duterte about job opportunities Filpino teachers and engineers in China during a bilateral meeting in China Tuesday night.

“ They were the last two officials that I met kanina. I met the Premier then right after we went to another room to meet the President. Separate talks but dito sa isa hard sell. Iyong isa naman ano ‘yung ano lang — about the things that they have promised us.

“I’m very happy that they are sincere. They are really… They are there to comply with their commitments to us. Ito marami ‘to ha. They are now opening new avenues for sa — They are opening the doors for our teachers, workers. Kulang sila sa mga craftsmen and engineers. So they are welcoming almost teachers, English teachers. Kailangan nila nang marami. And if you try your luck there, I’m sure that you will make it,” said Duterte.

Among the agreements signed with China during the bilateral meeting were:

P3.6 billion grant to Duterte administration to conduct feasibility studies for major projects, construction of the drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation centre and bridges crossing the Pasig River, and other projects agreed by both sides.
memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Cooperation in Human Resource Development.

MOU on Energy Cooperation

MOU on news and publishing