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Calida: I don’t know what a Marcos loyalist is

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He has been widely painted as a lackey of the Marcoses for ditching Alan Cayetano in favor of Bongbong Marcos as Rodrigo Duterte’s running mate in 2016.

But Solicitor General Jose Calida swears people are wrong when they label him a Marcos loyalist.

“I would like to know what is the definition of a Marcos loyalist. If it is a blind follower of Marcos, I’m not,” said Calida in an interview wit CNN’s Pinky Webb.

“During the campaign, yes, I launched a group which supported President Duterte and also Bongbong Marcos. But after the campaign was over and I am now appointed as the Solicitor General,” he added.

Calida said that as SolGen, his loyalty was to the government as evidenced in his defense of the House of Representatives’ detention of the “Ilocos 6” or Ilocos Norte provincial officials who refused to snitch on Gov. Imee Marcos.

“. I defended the House of Representatives. And we won the case against Gov. Marcos. I went against the Marcoses. I’m just doing my job. My client is the government, not the Marcoses,” he said.

Calida said he was eager for his office to take over the operations of the Presidential Commission on Good Government which has spent the last 32 years scouring the globe for the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth.

“If there’s a fair compromise agreement and there are no laws that are broken, we will consider that. Because it’s better to have the cake rather than lose it,” said Calida.