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Cayetano willing to resign, get jailed, be exiled if he is found lying to UN in defending Duterte’s drug war

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Senator Alan Cayetano is willing to suffer the consequences if his rabid defense of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva is found to be bogus.

“I’m willing to resign, to be jailed, to be exiled if mali ‘yung prinesent ko or at the very least if I intentionally misled anyone. Lahat ng prinesent ko is based on fact, based on actual numbers ‘no. So remember, dati pa sinasabi na maraming extrajudicial killings,” said Cayetano in a press conference in Phnom Penh.

Cayetano said his slideshows and data he gave to the UN were compiled by the Philippine National Police, Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare and Develeopment, and the National Econcomic and Development Atuhrotiy.

“Ang trabaho ko mag-salita. So it just so happened that I’m one of the public faces just like our Presidential Spokesman Abella ‘no, kaya nabibigyan tayo ng credit ‘no,” he said.

Cayetano pointed out that the death toll used to crucify Duterte in his drug war was based on the old definition of extrajudicial killings which was changed in 2012 by then President Noy Aquino and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima through Administrative Order 35

“Nong 2012 pa lang, pinuna na ng — the same countries na pumuna sa atin, pinuna nila ang Aquino government for extrajudicial killings. And to be fair kay President Aquino, that included the Arroyo, the last years of the Arroyo government, including media killings, cause-oriented groups ‘no.

Anong ginawa ni President Aquino at ni Secretary De Lima na now Senator? Nagpasa ng Administrative Order 35, na ang ginawa nila, that was the middle of 2012.

“Sabi nila, pag hindi cause-oriented, hindi media, hindi religious group, hindi extrajudicial killing. Pero pagdating ni President Duterte, suddenly lahat ng patay, eh tingnan niyo ‘yung actual reports. I don’t wanna name the — We had one of the editors of one of the dot nets in the Senate,” said Cayetano.

“The numbers they were using was not based on the, ‘yung dating definition. So ang sinasabi ko lang naman, kung gagamitin niyo ‘yung lumang definition, so tanggapin natin na before Duterte came, there was 11 to 16,000 every year, or 77,000 in the last six years. The numbers we’ve given, none of them was fuzzy math or creative math. None of them were clocked out. Ito official government statistics and we’re going to deal with it,” he added.

Cayetano said that if the United States also counted its homicide as EJKs like it did with Duterte, the Trump administration would have five times more EJKs than the Duterte administration.

To enlighten the UN, Caetano said he expanded the data it was reviewing on the country’s humam rights records to include data from 2009 under the human administration which would show that the 9,000 alleged EJKs in the country was not an anomaly but the norm since the Arroyo administration

“What we realize is that one side of the story lang ang sinasabi doon sa Human Rights Council doon sa Europe, sa Nothern America ‘no. Meaning, naunahan tayo ng, you know, lahat ng deaths na ‘to ay dahil dito sa war on drugs, grabe ‘yung abuse, strongman rule, et cetera ‘no,” Cayetano said.

“ I’m not saying that we convince them that it’s not so. But we open their eyes and mind and heart that there’s two sides to the story,” he added.