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Come with me, AC! Duterte invites CNN PH reporter to Myanmar

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President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t shy about showing how much of a gentleman he is when it comes to CNN Philippines reporter AC Nicholls.

Before flying to Myanmar Sunday (March 19), Duterte asked Nicholls if she would like to join him in his official trip.

“Ma’am, walang si — sama tayo? Tara, tara. Totoo marami… No kidding. ‘Di kita hina-harass, sexual harassment,” the President told her during his pre-departure press conference in Davao City.

Duterte said he could entrust Nicholls in the care of policewomen who are joining him on the trip should she decide to hop on the flight to Myanmar.

To be fair, the President offered a general invitation to reporters to join him in Myanmar before addressing Nicholls.

“Sinong gustong sumama? Ako na bahala dun sa damit, aba maraming ano doon,” he said.

Nicholls was the reporter to whom Duterte offered his handkerchief during a coverage in Malacañang.