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Daig pa si misis! Powerful politiko’s paramour turns heads with bossy attitude

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Power– or the illusion of it– has definitely gone to the head of the girlfriend (GF) of an influential administration ally.

Politiko has learned that GF has been throwing her weight around each time she gets by acting like she’s the government official’s wife.

GF likes to join her lover on his overseas trips, never mind if these travels are sometimes official in nature and she will be rubbing elbows with other politikos.

She is apparently so happy accompanying her lover in social events that observers note she’s already more visible than his wife.

Aware of the clout that her lover wields, GF likes to throw tantrums because she knows she’ll eventually have her way.

Before becoming powerful politiko’s paramour, GF was linked to certain influential people.

Being around powers that be must have cultivated the entitlement mentality and bossy attitude in GF.