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‘Davao Group’, Pulong Duterte, Mans Carpio no mention in Senate report on P6.4B shabu smuggling – Dick

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Sen. Richard Gordon, blue ribbon committee chair, said Tuesday that his committee’s preliminary report on the P6.4 billion smuggling of shabu through the Bureau of Customs would not contain any account of the “Davao Group” or the presidential son Pulong Duterte or presidential son-in-law Mans Carpio.

“What will figure prominently in the drug investigation is there was none (about the Davao Group). He was not able to say anything when the people were here,” said Gordon.

Gordon was referring to his colleague, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, who implicated Duterte and Carpio, husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte in the alleged Davao Group, as paet of the Davao Group which brought in the 604 kilos of shabu through the BOC’s fast lane.

The senator said Trillanes failed to come up with any information that would support his allegations on the existence of the Davao Group and its ties with Duterte and Carpio.

“The minority (bloc) was there and they said they (Duterte and Carpio) can go home. So we were not able to get anything that will be in the report,” he said.

Gordon said he has wrapped up the issue and his committee would no move on to take up Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s privilege speech which, disclosed an alleged systematic corruption in the BOC involving not only its top officials but even to the last rank-and-file in the bureau, in the next hearing.