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De Lima to Duterte: Leave my dog alone. Worry about your son Paolo

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President Rodrigo Duterte should refrain from becoming the neighborhood’s “peeping Tom” and instead watch over his son, Paolo, who is being linked to the smuggling operation at the Bureau of Customs (BoC).

Detained Sen. Leila de Lima made the remark on Friday after the President admitted that he took a “peek” on her when he visited the Phil. National Police recently. Mr. Duterte said he saw her carrying her dog.

The senator, detained at the PNP Custodial Center on drug charges, claimed that Paolo, Davao City vice mayor, has been well-known all throughout Davao City as the city’s smuggling king.

She also noted that self-confessed hitman, Edgar Matobato, earlier testified at the Senate that he was “used as a bagman by Paolo in paying off customs officials at the Davao ports in order to smuggle shipments of contraband, most probably including drugs.”

“This story is being repeated again, although now in a national scale. My suggestion to the President is this: Leave my dog alone. You have your own son to watch over and worry about,” De Lima said.

“The suspicious discovery of the shabu shipment and resulting botched-up seizure operation by the Bureau of Customs in Valenzuela City, rendering the whole shipment inadmissible in evidence against Paolo’s alleged Chinese businessman friend, sounds strikingly similar to the story narrated by Matobato,” she said.

The senator added, “The Senate investigation reveals that there is more to this than meets the eye. And more and more there are indications that it involves the presidential son himself.”