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De Lima: Duterte thinks he’s untouchable, unlikely to issue a bank secrecy waiver

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President Duterte will not issue a waiver on his alleged secret bank accounts because it will only expose his family’s ill-gotten wealth, Sen. Leila de Lima on Thursday said.

“It will reveal the fact that the Dutertes of Davao are nothing but scammers, having scammed the people of Davao for almost 30 years and now the entire country for the next five years. It will unmask this President’s duplicity, double-speak, pretensions and deceptions. His much-vaunted anti-corruption stance, like his war on drugs, will be exposed as a sham,” she said.

De Lima came to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s defense, whose challenge to the President to issue a bank waiver was merely dismissed by Duterte as just a ploy of the senator to secure evidence against him.

Trillanes executed 12 bank waivers last Monday to the bank deposits, including those alleged offshore accounts, claimed by known Duterte supporters to be owned by him.

“Three among the Duterte family are public officials. A mayor, a vice mayor and the President. None of them acts like a public official in terms of transparency and accountability. They believe they are accountable to no one. They are above the law. They are untouchables,” she said.

“Only criminals are not legally accountable to the people because they are criminals. It is not therefore surprising that the Dutertes think this way. More than public officials, they behave like criminals, albeit entitled and privileged, like Mafia and Triad bosses. They should all just resign their public offices and be full-time gangsters. At least then they will no longer be untouchables,” De Lima said.