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De Lima a miracle worker not a saint – Jinggoy

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Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada hit back at Senator Leila de Lima for branding his court release as one of the “miracles” in the judiciary allegedly influenced by the Duterte administration.

“Sandiganbayan’s decision to release me on bail is NO ‘judicial miracle,’ as alleged by you. It is simply an indication that the evidence that have been presented so far against me is not that strong,” Estrada wrote on Facebook.

Turning the tables on De Lima, Estrada accused the former Justice Secretary of performing her own “real magic or miracle” when she absolved some lawmakers allied with the Aquino government from pork barrel charges.

He also blasted De Lima’s “miraculous” persecution of the three senators “conspiring with the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the Office of the Ombudsman, and finding us guilty even before we can rebut the accusations against us.”

“Asikasuhin mo na lang ang kaso mo tungkol sa droga at huwag ka ng makialam sa kaso ng ibang tao!! Just focus on your case!!” he said.

“Don’t fool the people!! What do you think about yourself? A saint? You think that you are holier than thou? You think that you are clean? I DON’T THINK SO!!”