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Di kuntento sa cottage! Medialdea wants bigger summer house in Baguio

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Thirty-two Caliandra trees will have to be cut on Mansion land in Baguio City for the construction of a summer house for Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

The Office of the President has asked the city government for permission to cut the trees for the construction project.

The site of Medialdea’s summer house is just across the Presidential Mansion and near the forested Wright Park.

The property used to be the site of a humble cottage, where former rebel priest Conrado Balweg stayed after he and then President Corazon Aquino agreed to a ceasefire in 1987.

It is currently the office of the Philippine Information Agency.

The Executive Secretary has no official residence in Baguio, even though other Cabinet officials have their own homes. Most of these residences are clustered in what is now known as the Cabinet Hill.