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Di lang telegenic! Duterte gives GMA-7 reporter Katrina Son the best compliment ever

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GMA-7 reporter Katrina Son became the latest addition to the list of reporters President Rodrigo Duterte has flattered with a compliment when she covered his visit to Subic Bay Sunday (June 4).

After Duterte visited the two Japanese warships docked at Alava Pier, Son introduced herself to him before asking a question at a short press briefing.

“Sir, I’m Katrina Son from GMA 7,” she said.

Apparently, the pretty Kapuso reporter’s name is already familiar to Duterte.

“Ah, ikaw pala ‘yun? Mas maganda ka sa personal,” he replied.

Another reporter whom Duterte complimented was CNN correspondent AC Nicholls. He even gave her his handkerchief during a coverage at Malacañang early this year.