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Dick Gordon prefers ‘ambush interviews’, shuns press cons unlike you-know-who

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Senator Dick Gordon on Monday told mediamen covering the upper house to leave him alone since he was “not publicity-hungry.”

Reporters waited for him for almost two hours to get an update on the ethics complaint that he intended to file against Sen. Sonny Trillanes.

Gordon joined a caucus of the majority senators to discuss the legislative priority of the Senate as well as to tackle his soon-to-be filed ethics complaint against Trillanes.

When he finally emerged from the meeting the reporters asked him for some developments on his ethics complaint against Trillanes.

Gordon said, “You know, I already asked for your respect. I said I don’t want to be interviewed alright?”

“I don’t go to the media like him,” he said without identifying who he was referring to. “I don’t do that. You know that. From the very beginning I went to the Senate I never give a presscon.”

“It’s always an ambush (interview). And right now the way things are going I was maligned by this guy with rules going out to the window,” Gordon said.

He wanted to discipline Trillanes for allegedly belittling the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, which he heads, and described it as “komite de abswelto” or clearing committee for the Dutertes.