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Doble kara: Duterte’s chumminess with Robredo all for show -Trillanes

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said he was not born yesterday to fall for President Rodrigo Duterte and Speaker Bebot Alvarez’s “good cop-bad cop” routine in their plan to oust Vice President Leni Robredo on the flimsiest of reasons.

In an interview with journalist Henry Omaga-Diaz at DZMM Saturday, Trillanes said Duterte’s order for his allies to “lay off” Robredo and public show of wanting to sit beside her during the police academy graduation were all for show meant to divert the blame away from him.

Trillanes claimed that Duterte was just “washing his hands off” any responsibility on the impending impeachment of Robredo in the House of Representatives.

Trillanes said it was obvious that Alvarez was just a “lackey” of Duterte who would not dare cross his master. For Alvarez to publicly declare his defiance of Duterte’s order to “lay off” Robredo, Trillanes said that it only showed that Alvarez was playing “bad cop” to Duterte’s “good cop” role in the plan to remove Robredo.

“Doble kara iyan…Alam ko kapangyarihan ni Duterte, closeness niya kay Alvarez. Bulungan lang nya hinto na yan. Huwag kayo papalinlang, sana mga ordinaryong tao hindi maniwala diyan. Drama yan, nakita na natin yan,” said Trillanes.

Alvarez controls more than two-thirds of the House or more than enough to meet the on-third vote needed to impeach Robredo.