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Duterte ‎unmasks Loida Nicolas Lewis’ plot to launch massive protests to oust him

Nov 4, 2016 @ 21:48

President Rodrigo Duterte has identified Loida Nicolas-Lewis, the leading campaigner of defeated presidential bet Mar Roxas, ‎as one of the moving forces behind a plan to launch protest rallies against his administration.

Although he did not name her, Duterte was obviously referring to Nicolas-Lewis -the widow of Richard Lewis, the richest African-American businessman in the 1980s.

‎In a speech at the Manila Hotel Friday night, Duterte said: “Next year, there will be mass demonstration, for all I care. Wala akong illusions. Do not give me a reason to go out because you might have…you might get your wish.”

“Meron next year, a certain financier, mayaman na babae who married a black and is now a millionaire and she is planning to do massive demonstration,” he added.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar had previously reported on rumors from the Filipino-American community in the US about plans to oust Duterte because of his alleged human rights violations and ‎continuous attacks against the US.

He mockinlgy told Nicolas-Lewis‎ he’d follow her advise and give her own advisory staff.

“‎If ou think that you can help, sabihin mo sa akin because I will appoint you a group of presidential advisers with a Cabinet position or without a portfolio but with the rank of a Cabinet. And I will follow your instruction to a tee,” he said.

Duterte is not the bit worried about plans to topple him from power by pro-American forces.

“All those who are of this western persuasion. Kung bilib kayo sa America, kung tingin ninyo nagkautang kayo ng loob, please join. And hindi na kailangan magkudeta-coup d’etat. Ibigay ko siya. I myself will swear you sa Malacañang. That these are the new rulers of the Republic and they will run the country, fine‎,” said Duterte.

“Yung ayaw sa akin, madali yan. And if the military or the police thinks that I do not…no need for coup d’etat. God, you are wasting your bullet. Go to Malacañan, we’ll have coffee and I myself will swear you to run this Republic and solve the problem. Walang problema,” he added.

Nicolas-Lewis ‎was part of a 25-person delegation from the US-Philippines Society, a private group comprising business executives and diplomats, who met with Duterte a week before his inauguration.

Nicolas-Lewis was accompanied by former Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia,PLDT Chair Manuel V. Pangilinan, retired American diplomats, executives from Coca Cola, SGV, JP Morgan, and other top corporations‎.

Nicolas-Lewis is the sister of former Arroyo National Anti-Poverty Commission Chair Imelda Nicolas ‎who was part of the “Hyatt 10” Cabinet which abandoned then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2005 due to the “Hello Garci” election scandal. Imelda and most of the Hyatt 10 members ended up having key posts in the Aquino administration. Imelda was appointed head of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

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  • bibabawan

    Looks to me like pointing the finger to someone else for what is obviously a local manifestation of disaffection on the direction of governance and the brewing protest against abuse of power in the implementation of the war on drugs.

    • xxx

      wtf.. is that all you can brew?

    • pepe rosales

      I guess you’re right & absolutely correct.

    • redneck9000

      2 months later. Nobody’s disaffected. There is no brewing protest. You’re a paid hack.

  • Roberto Saguing

    This is a US citizen destabilizing our country? WTF. She should be declared persona non-grata asap. What’s with this pro-west people? When will we ever move on with people like this? We need to be more pro-Filipino, and not pro-anybody else. These are the oligarch on the move, afraid that President Duterte’s policies of opening up bilateral trade relations with China and other countries will affect their businesses (read: monopolies, duopolies, etc) here in the Philippines.

  • msmakabayan

    She should be reported to the UN or whatever body. Clearly, this is a violation of the Filipinos’ right to choose their own president in a democratic election. She and her cohorts might be forgetting that OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT AND TATAY DIGONG WON BY A LANDSLIDE!

    May i remind you, Americanang pakialamera at uto-uto ng mga traidor sa bayan ” sa manlulupig, di kami pasisiil… At aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sa aming bayan pati ng aming binotong pangulo”!

    Hindi porque may pera ka, pakikialaman mo kami! Wala kang karapatan! Wala kang takot sa Diyos!


      The UN? Like they would listen to you guys now. Notice how duterte makes a racial remark by saying she married a “black”…not referring to the fact that he went to Harvard and has a net worth of over 500 million dollars…a racist and an animal…complete garbage

      • KenKhoy

        calling a person black a racist? really?

      • Cody

        So ano ba dapat sasabihin? eh totoo naman na nakapangasawa sya ng itim. So anong mali sa word na “black”, baka ikaw ang racist. Nakarinig ka lang ng itim umiitim na yang TAEnga mo. Masyado nyong sinasakyan yang race issue na yan, kayo tuloy ang nagmumukhang racist.

      • Mel


  • kevin bunga_nga

    ibng klse ang kakayahan ni Duterte kaya marami ang nagkakaisa na suporthan ka po,

  • andrew#magdaong

    wala naman na gingawa ang pangulo na ikpapahamak ng pilipinas.

  • marie_kiss

    agree ako sa ginagwa ng pangulo mabuhay ka po tiyak na ang ginhawa sa bansa natin.

  • justin tumunong

    mga ulupong na walang kwenta!

    • amante

      balingbing ang utak mo pre.

  • Пламень За Свободу

    Yellow minions are serving and works for the interest of their US master of puppets.

    You shall never topple down a leader chosen by his people or else the people will make a national revolution for him.

  • A_C

    wla kayo mapapala sa gagawin nyo.

  • noy

    puro ka salita yan ang nakaka sira sa bansa dutae.

    • C_M

      syempre at may bibig sya, at hindi sya pipi

  • terb

    lahat ng ikakabuti ng bansa yan ang ginagawa ng pdu30 saatin

  • BienB

    They didn’t abandon her for the Hello Garcie. They abandoned her earlier than that when Arroyo went after Hacienda Luisita to be under the Agrarian reform program at the shooting of the farmers.
    Hello Garcie was just a mole they tried to make a mountain out of. In fact, in the same recording, she was worried FPJ was buying into her votes.

  • santos

    kahit anong mang yari tiwala parin ako sa ating leader.

  • junviray

    All along I thought this lady is a decent reasonable woman. What happened? You’re no different from your scheming friends! Go ahead with your plans and see for yourselves how stupid had you become! Go to hell with your bloody brains!

  • Edwin Subijano

    She can well afford to bring in lots of “hakot” crowds like in the time of Marcos. Lots of people being paid to go to a rally. But it will still be a storm in a tea cup!

  • Oneshot80

    Another Famous Filipino Crab Mentality.

  • Saint Luci

    The oligarchs are at it again. They topple duly elected leaders when their interests are at risk. Wala silang pinagkaiba sa mga neocons, oligarchs, warmongers ng mga ‘western countries’. Kaya siguro nananalo sina Duterte at Trump. Puno na salop ng mga mamayanan. Kaya rin siguro nangyari ang Brexit at Italeave.


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