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Duterte bans politikos from using ‘honorable’ tag: Napaka-corny niyo!

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President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t want to hear the word “honorable” preceding the introduction for any politiko as long as he’s in office.

In a speech before new government officials at their oath-taking in Malacañang Monday (July 17), Duterte said he would rather that politikos be addressed simply as “mister” or “miss.”

“Sa aking panahon, wala ‘yung ‘honorable, honorable.’ Honorable, hindi ka naman nananalo ng eleksyon diyang hindi kita kinarga. Napaka-corny ninyo,” he said.

Even when he was mayor, Duterte said he never liked being called “honorable.”

“You don’t address yourself ‘honorable’ tapos ikaw ang pipirma,” he said.

As President, Duterte said he sends his regards to bereaved families through wreaths with only his full name– without the title– written on them.