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Take a peek inside Duterte’s 8-hour Cabinet meeting

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President Duterte held his first Cabinet meeting for the new year and it turned out to be “long, intense but fruitful.”

“The first full Cabinet meeting of President Rody Duterte for 2017 stretched for over eight hours starting from 3 p.m. and ending at almost 11 p.m. in Malacañang yesterday,” Secretary Manny Piñol wrote on Facebook.

Piñol said the President and the Cabinet discussed many contentious issues such as the P2,000 additional Social Security System (SSS) pension, planned railway systems in the country, the national tourism development plan.

Also discussed were the updates on the damage and interventions for areas affected by Typhoon Nina, proposed development of Bacoor Bay, the national space development program and establishment of the Philippine Space Agency, the preparations for the visit of Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, campaign against illegal fishing and the awards for the cleanest, and the implementation of a nation-wide micro-lending program to address the “5-6” usurious lending by groups, including Indian nationals.

“The discussions were intense but all the issues were addressed and decided upon,” said Piñol who took several photos of the Cabinet meeting and shared them online.