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Duterte calls MBC members ‘illustrious idiots’, curses and threatens to slap Ramon del Rosario

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More than a year after the campaign, President Rodrigo Duterte is still bristling with rage whenever he recalls how former Makati Business Club Chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. called him out for not elaborating on his business plans in a business forum during the campaign.

In a speech at the Ayala trading floor of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Duterte bared that he has not gotten over his first brush with Ayala-based businessmen he called “illustrious idiots”

Duterte felt it was unfair for the host to criticize him for speaking largely on his areas of expertise which was fighting illegal drugs, crime and corruption when he was candid about his lack of interest or knowledge economic issues when the MBC organizers invited him.

“Pagkatapos ng speech ko I was reading the newspapers the following day at sabi ‘nong Presidente nung club na ‘yun, I was just talking about business on the surface nothing about…Alam mo ‘pag niyaya mo ako, do not comment. Ikaw dito Presidente ka ngayon, tapos tatanungin ka bukas, ‘O how did Duterte fare yesterday? Eh walang sinabi kung hindi ‘yung krimen. Wala namang sinabing sa business,” said Duterte.

“Eh sabi ko, putang ina mo sinabi ko na sa’yo na hindi ako marunong. Ngayon, dadaldal diyan ka nang daldal diyan. Putang ina, masampal kita. I told you so,” he added.

Shortly after Duterte’s speech, an underwhelmed del Rosario told media: “Because this is a business meeting, I would’ve wanted to hear more about his economic policies and programs and even his economic team.”
Duterte said the businessmen did not appreciate his honesty, that he would not pretend to be an expert on a field which held very little interest for him.

“I was very honest. I am really very honest. Why? Because I really find no objection in life to tell a lie. ‘Yan ang sakit ko. Hindi ako mag-sinungaling. Bakit ako mag-sinungaling?” he said.