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Duterte dismisses destab talk as publicity but warns power grabbers vs sowing violence

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President Duterte is not yet planning to bring to court groups seeking to overthrow him believing all the destabilization talk is just publicity for now.

The President, in a chance interview with reporters in Myanmar on Sunday night (March 19), said he cannot do anything about his opponents as long as they are within their constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and peaceful assembly.

“In the matter of going after them, it has not reached that level of violence, destabilization. It’s more of publicity. And for as long as it is really a peaceful exercise of the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s guaranteed under the Constitution,” he said.

Duterte however issued a stern warning to power grabbers not to use violence and sow chaos in the country to advance their interest.

“You have to have the kind of situation where there is already violence committed and imposed on the population whether they are with you or against you,” he said.

“Pagka ginulo nila ang bayan, just like what is happening in Mindanao… If it goes out of hand and children are already targeted for killings, ibang istorya na iyan,” he said.