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Duterte explains Inquirer’s rabid defense of Aquino: Its owners settled their P1B back taxes for only P8M

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President Rodrigo Duterte promised to raise hell against the owners of the Inquirer once he gets back from his three- nation state visit.

The President, however, was too pissed at the Inquirer that he launched a scathing attack against the Inquirer in the middle of his Middle East sojourn.

In a speech in Bahrain, Duterte gave an explanation of why the Inquirer has been staunchly defending then President Noy Aquino during his six-year stay in office.

He claimed that the Inquirer’s owners, the Prieto family, were allowed to get away with the P1 billion tax liabilities owed by their Dunkin’ Donuts franchise to the government by paying only P8 million in a settlement agreement with then Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares.

“Kaya yang mga Inquirer, walang bayad bayad, kaya pala kung magdepensa kay Aquino… Inquirer has a 1 Billion utang para lang to editorialize the morality, the righteousness. Sila-sila mismo, sila ang may ari ng Dunkin’ Donuts,” said Duterte.

“Anak ng puta, 1 Billion, ang kinolekta ni Kim Henares was only 8 million. Tapos tayo dito… magbuktot diyan sa trabaho,” said Duterte while addressing thousands of Filipinos based in Bahrain.