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Duterte eyeing Gloria Arroyo to head Charter change commission

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Former President Gloria Arroyo is not interested in becoming the next Central Bank governor or joining the Duterte Cabinet. But President Duterte may just convince the Pampanga Representative to accept another government post.

“Maybe. Maybe. Baka ayaw rin niya eh but but maybe,” Duterte told reporters during his visit to Myanmar when asked if she would be considered to lead the constitutional commission.

Duterte has strongly pushed for certain amendments to the Constitution, including a shift to a federal-parlimanetary form of government and removal of restrictive economic provisions.

The President however said it was unlikely that Arroyo would accept a Cabinet post under his government. Arroyo recently lost her House deputy leadership post after she voted against the death penalty bill, a priority bill of the Duterte administration.

“I don’t she will accept it. She cannot be working under a President when she was already a
president. That will be quite a tall order for her to do that. But representing
the people of the district of her own province would be somehow acceptable to even everybody,” he said.