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Duterte fires back at AI: Why would I pay cops to kill? It’s their job

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President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday (Feb. 3) lashed out at human rights watchdog Amnesty International for claiming in a report that police were paid as much as P15,000 for killing drug suspects.

“Sabihin na binibigyan daw sila singko mil kada—P****Ina, bakit man ako magbigay sa inyo para magpatay, trabaho ninyo iyan? Gusto mo ikaw patayin ko?” he said in a speech in North Cotabato.

Quoting a police officer, AI said in its report that cops are given cash incentives to kill suspected drug pushers and users in keeping with the administration’s war against drugs.

The report also accused the Philippine National Police of “systematically” targeting the poor in anti-drug operations and planting evidence at the scene of the encounter.

PNP chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa has denied AI’s claim, saying the organization has no money or reason to pay cops for going after drug suspects.

Malacañang has maintained that the government has no hand in extrajudicial killings that have been happening since Duterte assumed office.

The PNP, it added, has also started reforms to weed out corrupt cops who take advantage of the government’s war against drugs.