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Duterte fires SRA’s Anna Paner for hiring P200k consultants: Gago ka ba?

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President Rodrigo Duterte has fired Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) Administrator Anna Rosario Paner for hiring three consultants to her agency with a monthly salary of P200,000 each or higher than what he earned as Commander In Chief.

In a speech Monday night, Duterte said: “Marami na akong tinanggal. The latest one was Paner of the Sugar Regulatory Board…Bakit magkuha ka ng three Sugar Regulatory Board? Tatlo, tapos ang bayad ng tao 200,000 a month? Gago ka ba? Naloko ka ba? Magkano lang ang sweldo ko? It’s only about 38,000. Bago lang naman ‘yan naging P100,000.”

An Inquirer report had quoted Senator Miguel Zubiri claiming that Paner had resigned last September 10 or nearly two weeks after the President exposed the overpriced consultants of a corrupt government official who turned out to be Paner.

Duterte said Pander and other corrupt government officials should not be beholden to anybody because they were not elected officials anyway

“Let me remind everybody sa Executive department. Wala kayong utang na loob na pagbabayaran kasi hindi kayo elected. Let me remind the secretaries, the directors, ‘wag ninyo gawin ‘yan, bigyan mo ang consultants ng P200,000 a month,” said Duterte.

Duterte said he would not hesitate firing government officials ith just a “whiff of coruption” from their office like what he did to former interior secretary Ismael Sueno ,former Malacanang undersecretary Maia Chiara Halmen Valdez, former National Irrigation Authority Peter Lavina, and Bureau of Immigration deputy commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles.

“Kaya kayong mga director-director, don’t give me that shit about paying somebody. Wala kayong political burden kasi hindi kayo elected. Nandiyan lang kayo because of the appointment by the appointing authority. So erase that notion about pleasing people close to you,” he said.


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