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Duterte to Grace Poe: EDSA still a ‘road to perdition’ coz Senate sat on emergency powers bill

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President Rodrigo Duterte has taken Senator Grace Poe to task over the Senate’s inaction on the executive branch’s request for emergency powers on transportation.

In his State of the Nation Address (SONA), Duterte said he tried to solve the traffic mess along EDSA with the help of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade.

“Alam mo si Ma’am Grace, you are pushing for… You know, when I became President, EDSA was already horrendous as it was a horror of the other administrations,” he said.

“But we needed money and we tried to get your help to raise money. Ayaw naman ibigay. Eh ‘di hanggang ngayon nandiyan pa ‘yung EDSA,” Duterte added.

Turning sarcastic, Duterte said he is fine with EDSA’s traffic woes remaining unsolved so that his administration will have something “ugly” to talk about while other areas are improved.

“We will not make it all smooth in the Philippines. We leave a little alley known as EDSA as the road to perdition,” he said.

Duterte thanked China for giving the Philippines money for the construction of two bridges spanning Pasig River since Congress has yet to pass the joint resolution on emergency powers.

Poe, chair of the Senate public services committee, said the chamber has yet to approve the bill granting emergency powers since her colleagues still want to question the Department of Transportation and its attached agencies about certain provisions in the measure.