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Duterte hell-bent on taking down all narco-politikos even if it means disobeying the SC

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President Rodrigo Duterte is prepared to defy the Supreme Court as long as he wins his war against drug and eliminated from power all governors, congressmen, mayors, police and barangay captains protecting the drug trade.

“I can be ordered by the Supreme Court to stop it but there are things that they cannot, and maybe, I will not, stop. Eh, bahala sabihin ko na muna tapusin ko ‘to, tapos I can go to jail. File all the charges that you can think of. But this country, in my time, will not deteriorate any further.” said Duterte in a speech Friday night.

Duterte revealed he was tempted to suspending the writ of habeas corpus to arrest the suspected narco-politkos without building a case for each one of them and going through a tedious trial. Duterte is aware that the Constitution only allowed this in case of invasion and rebellion, but he doesn’t care anyway.

“If you don’t give me a choice then you box me in a corner and I” find myself helpless because, we have, kaya nandiyan ‘yan eh. Those are really provisions intended to protect the Republic of the Philippines.” said Duterte.

“Of course I have the powers. It’s a very limited, powerful but limited functions. I cannot for the life of me imagine where I have to execute five, ten Filipinos everyday. Before a firing squad because for one person alone, to build a case, to gather the proof I would need two or three policemen, about isang linggong surveillance bago ko makuha yung gusto kong ebidensiya,.Kaya kita mo naman kung ganoon ang gagawin ko how do I cope up? And besides I cannot prove it beyond reasonable doubt.,” said Duterte.

Duterte is a septuagenarian and he prospect of spending his last years in jail does not faze him. “I’m 72 years old (he’s actually 71 years old). If you make some actuarial, pinakamalakas ko diyan is 5, 6 years. When I get to read all the books that nakapatong na yan lahat. Kundi minsan hindi ko man nabasa. No time,” said Duterte.

Duterte said he would consider it a failure if he does not stop the drug scourge under his watch.

“Ako hindi ko hayaan ito. I would consider it a failure na mawala ako sa presidente tapos ganito ang sitwasyon. I would be terribly disappointed. Impeachment? Wala ‘yan, as long as I am impeached or I am killed and the reason is because I was just trying my best to do something for my country, that’s it,” said Duterte.

“As long as there is a pusher in the streets or on the streets, as long as there are still drug lords who are still doing it and the like, this thing will continue until the end of my term. Kailan ‘yan, ewan ko. Mine is self-defense, in defense of the helpless children na, and they are not in a position to really weigh things and even the, ‘yung mga adult. It is a defense of a race, in defense of my fellowmen,” he added.