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Duterte: ‘It’s party time for yellows’ if I pass away

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If there’s one group that President Rodrigo Duterte believes would rejoice over his death, it would be the “yellows” or those identified with the Aquino administration.

In a speech before businessmen in Davao City Friday (July 21), Duterte explained why a convoy of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) was in Cotabato this week.

“And my convoy was to go there because it was more dangerous to go in by air because matamaan ka ng .50 caliber at kung matamaan ‘yan sa… it hits the tank, it explodes and it’s— Do not be offended, it’s party time for the yellow to go the streets and shout,” he said.

At least four members of the PSG were wounded when members of the New People’s Army ambushed their convoy in Arakan Wednesday (July 19).

Duterte was able to go to Marawi City, the heart of the conflict between soldiers and the Maute group on Thursday (July 20) without the media’s knowledge. The visit was only announced after it was over.