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Duterte to choose police bosses ‎to bust mayors backed by drug lords

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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Friday slammed local chief executives with alleged links to drug syndicates, saying they would not be given a free hand to choose their respective chiefs of police.

At the turnover of command ceremony at the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), Duterte said he would not allow mayors, particularly those involved in the drug trade, to select or remove their chiefs of police.

“Ngayon, may mga mayor dito sa Pilipinas who were elected because of drug money. Ngayon, kung suspetsoso ako sa’yo mayor, I will not assign to you a police of your choice,” the 71-year-old Duterte said.

Duterte, who has promised to end crime and corruption within six months of the start of his presidency, said there are at least 32 mayors involved in the illegal drug trade.

Without mentioning any names, these mayors, he said, won the elections because of drug money.

“They won the mayorship of their respective towns and cities because of drug money. I will not give them that luxury. Lagyan ko ng chief of police and this is my order to you: If that idiot mayor resists arrest and fight it out with you, kill him,” he added.

Duterte said he would assign police officers to keep tabs on the activities of the mayors he suspects are connected to illegal drug syndicates.

“Your job is to guard him, find out the truth, the truth, the truth; and if he is arrested and chooses to fight you, kill him,” the incoming president told policemen.

Duterte also warned that the country would become a ‘narcopolitics’ state if these local officials continue to receive drug money.
In his speech, the President-elect reiterated that he would offer huge bounties for both police and civilians who can turn in drug lords, dead or alive. ##