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Duterte prefers going to hell over heaven: Pangit ang nasa langit!

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President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t have qualms about going to hell over the war on drugs.

In a speech before businessmen at Edsa Shangri-La Wednesday (August 9), Duterte joked he already has a spot reserved in hell.

“At tsaka ‘yung magaganda diyan sa mga nightclub, nandun naman sila lahat/ Overdose ng drug, ‘yung mga magaganda diyan,” he said.

“Lahat ng pangit, nandoon sa langit,” Duterte added.

Even as he admitted that the fight against illegal drugs cannot be won in his term, Duterte repeated anew his threat to kill drug pushers and users.

“I said, ‘I will kill you.’ That is a legitimate statement of a head of state to protect his country,” he said.