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Duterte says Mindanao leaders should’ve reported Maute’s evil plan in Marawi: Di na pwede areglo dito

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President Rodrigo Duterte ‎is not keen on negotiating with the Maute group to end the Marawi stand-off as proposed by several Maranao leaders.

‎For Duterte, the war has reached a point where a truce has been taken off the table due to the high death toll suffered by the military and civilians in the war which continued to rage after 27 days.

“Ang Maute is the name of the aggrupation here, was already infiltrated by the ISIS.‎..They should have reported it maybe a long time ago kasi sila alam that there was already a military buildup. At walang kaubus-ubusan ang bala pati ang — they could match even the firepower of the Armed Forces,” said Duterte in an interview in Butuan City Saturday.

“I am not apologizing for anything there because they brought the problem to themselves. Bakit hindi nila sinabi sa pulis, sa akin, sa Armed Forces na may mga foreign trade na pabalik-balik ‘yan. Hindi na ninyo madala sa kwan, and I will not. If they go to the Maute to talk about what? Surrender? O ano lang, areglo? Ganon na lang? Paano ‘yung patay ko? ” he added.‎

Duterte said that the Marawi siege was carried out by the Maute Group with the help of Islamic State members and politiko warlords who built a secret arsenal in the city in ‎preparation for a bloody and drawn-out war.


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